Private Lessons

This Grandfather/Grandson duo took painting lessons together. Here they are creating their first full-color still-life paintings in oil.

Diana is currently open for private drawing and painting lessons taught from her home in Jacksonville Fl. She can accommodate up to 2 students simultaneously.


Ages 11+


Beginners -Advanced students Welcome!


Lessons meet once a week for 2 hours.


$50 per lesson for an individual of any skill level. 


$35 a person for lessons with 2 individuals of a similar skill level meeting together.


To Register Call:






 (904) 962-0371, or contact Diana here.

"Eggs" a drawing exercise in spheres and value, Charcoal on Paper

by Madi, Age 11

"Fruit" charcoal on Paper, Madi age 11. 

During Madi's second lesson, we worked on spheres, and practiced seeing spheres in everyday objects.

Drawing Lessons

Beginning students will start out with charcoal drawing. Students will learn about shape, value, composition, perspective, and other draftsmanship and design skills in this black and white medium. 


Students will begin by practicing drawing house-household objects and move to more complicated subjects such as portraits, animals, landscapes, architecture, etc. Depending on a student's interests, the same skills can be taught from different subjects. Drawings will always be done from life, never photographs at this stage.


Each student will have their own materials, which they bring home after lessons to practice. Suggested homework is given, but not required. Students do learn best if they get additional practice outside of weekly lessons.

Painting Lessons

Once students have mastered the fundamentals of drawing (to be determined on a case by case basis), They can begin painting lessons. 

Diana teaches oil painting. Painting lessons build upon drawing skills and focus on understanding of the medium, color theory, developing a personal style, and knowledge of art history. 

John, Age 13, working on his first ever still-life painting

Drawing Supply List

No particular brand of drawing supplies is endorsed, the pictures are simply to help you in finding the correct materials

  • Unknown.jpeg

    Compressed Charcoal

  • 220px-Charcoal_pencils_051907.jpg

    Charcoal Pencils

  • Unknown.jpeg

    Pencil Sharpener

  • Vinyl-Pearl-Large-Erasers-050-39701.jpg

    White Rectangular Eraser

  • Unknown-1.jpeg

    Vine Charcoal

  • richeson-blending-stumps-5-58984.jpg

    Blending Stumps

  • 31OwNLabLOL._SR500,500_.jpg

    A Pencil box or other container to keep your supplies in.

Painting Lesson Supply List

When a student is ready to begin painting, we will discuss these materials in greater depth in person.

  • Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 4.42.53 PM.png

    Alizarin Crimson Permanent Oil Paint

    For beginners: Winton or Gamblin 1980 are inexpensive student grade options.

    Higher Quality paints: Windsor Newton, Gamblin, Grumbaucher, Utrecht

  • ga1140_1.jpg

    Cadmium Red Light (hue) Oil Paint

    Hue means that the paint looks similar to the real cadmium red, but does not contain actual cadmium, reducing the expense and making the paint less toxic.

  • woc090-37_1.jpg

    Cadmium Orange (hue) Oil Paint

    Winton or Gamblin 1980

  • wnpo118-37_1.jpg

    Cadmium Yellow Medium (hue) Oil Paint

    Winton or Gamblin 1980

  • Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 4.40.31 PM.png

    Cadmium Yellow Lemon (hue) Oil Paint

    Winton or Gamblin 1980

  • OMH40213.JPG

    Phthalo Green Oil Paint

    Winton or Gamblin 1980

  • OL40812.JPG

    Prussian Blue Oil Paint

    Winton or Gamblin 1980

  • Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 4.49.08 PM.png

    Ultramarine Blue Oil Paint

    Winton or Gamblin 1980

  • wnpo733-37_1.jpg

    Dioxizine Purple Oil Paint

    Winton or Gamblin 1980

  • OW200644.JPG

    Titanium White

    Oil Paint

    Permalba, Winton, or Gamblin 1980

    Make sure not to get the unbleached kind, this is a completely different color.

  • Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 4.57.21 PM.png

    Plastic Reusable Palette with Lid

    Can be bought online or at Micheals, possibly Reddi Arts

  • 03063-group-2ww-m.jpg

    Palette Paper

    Paper can often be found in booklets. Make sure to get the waxy kind. Some palette papers are just like regular paper, these suck in the paint and are useless. Be sure to get a size that fits in your palette box.

  • 8.5-Refined-Linseed-Oil.jpg

    Linseed Oil

  • Gamsol-4-1.jpg


    This is an odorless artist quality paint thinner. For health purposes, do not buy turpentine or paint thinner from the Hardware store!

  • KiWarm-9pcs-Artists-Paint-Brush-Set-Wate

    Long Handled Paint Brushes

    Purchase flat brushes in a variety of sizes and a couple small round brushes. These can have either synthetic or natural hair bristles. Please buy brushes in person to make sure the bristles are good quality and stiff enough to stand up to the rigors of oil painting.

    Make sure they have long handles. The short handled brushes are for watercolor.

  • recycled-food-jars-pretty-storage-jars-7

    Two Glass Jars with no-leak lids

    Old jam or pickle jars will work just fine so long as they are clean.


    Old T-shirt or cloth to use as a Paint Rag

    If you like clean rags each class, you can purchase a roll of blue "Shop towels" from the automotive department of any store.

  • 07526-group-1-3ww-l.jpg

    16x20 inch Canvases

    Most art supply stores sell a "Value Pack" of some kind.

  • Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 5.33.17 PM.png

    Electrician's bag or Fishing tack box to haul your items in.

    It doesn't mater what you use so long as the supplies are kept safe.

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